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Our team of Clinical & Counselling Psychologists & Psychiatrists are trained to apply their research skills to solve complex clinical problems using approaches tailored to each individual, while working toward your personal health goals.

Nigel Denning


Nigel's profile
Nigel is a Counselling psychologist in private practice. He works with individuals, couples and families.

Nigel sees therapy as a joint and cooperative enterprise where he uses his skill set to your benefit, rather than trying to fit you into a theory or approach. He has extensive experience with individual and corporate clients and draws on a strength and awareness based philosophy to client work.

Nigel has studied in Australia and overseas with many of the current leaders in psychological research and theory such as Dan Siegel, John and Julie Gottman, Les Greenberg, Alan Schore and the late Michael White.

Linda Tilgner


Linda's profile
Linda is a registered Counselling Psychologist. She provides therapy for a range of concerns, in a collaborative manner, based on a full assessment of client needs and goals.

Linda works with (in no order of preference): adjustment and life transition difficulties, anxiety and stress, eating disorders, grief and loss, personal development, relationship difficulties/couples counselling, trauma and PTSD. Linda is trained in a number of therapeutic approaches and together with the client tailors therapy for best fit.

In addition to counselling Linda provides individual and executive coaching and has over 10 years’ experience in running therapeutic groups. She also runs psycho-educational programs for the general public and provides professional training and supervision for practitioners.

She was actively involved with the APS College of Counselling Psychologists for 9 years and has provided professional consultancy to a range of agencies.

Angela Gale


Angela's profile
Angela is a nationally registered psychologist with a Master in Counselling Psychology. She uses a collaborative, respectful, and supportive approach to working with individuals, couples, and groups. Angela draws on evidenced-based therapeutic techniques most suited to the person and the issues presented. She works short-term and long-term towards achieving the individual's goals.

Angela provides a safe environment and has experience working with a broad range of concerns such as; relationship difficulties, parenting, family violence, trauma, grief and loss, self-esteem, personality issues, stress, anxiety, depression, and mental health.

Davina Lanzon


Davina's profile
Davina is a registered psychologist. She provides therapy short term or long term therapy for a range of concerns in a supportive and collaborative way. She works with a range of concerns such as stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, relationship difficulties (social, workplace or family relationships), self-esteem, self-development and life transition (starting a family, work or study pressures). Through a strength-based approach Davina also works with individuals in understanding the impact of caring or living with someone who is experiencing a mental or physical illness and ways of building coping strategies and resilience.

Joanne Hansen

Provisional Psychologist

Joanne's profile
Jo is currently registered as a Provisional Psychologist having completed her Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) and Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and currently completing her Master of Professional Psychology.

Jo provides low-cost counselling at Integrative Psychology for as little as $20 per session.

Jo has 4 years’ experience in counselling individuals withdrawing from benzodiazepine prescription medication, including preparing gradual reduction plans and providing support to clients experiencing withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, depression, panic disorder, trauma, sleep disorder and pain management. She works collaboratively with her clients to establish goals and to empower them through the therapeutic alliance. Her clinical practice includes Relaxation Techniques, Breathing Training, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Trauma Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Therapies and Psychoeducation. As an adjunct to individual counselling, Jo has over two years of experience facilitating Guided Peer Support Groups.

In 2012 Jo completed her training to become a group facilitator for Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), providing vital training to health professionals supporting people with thoughts of suicide. She is now a master trainer having facilitated over 20 workshops to date.

Dr Stephen Brockway


Stephen's profile
Dr Stephen Brockway, MD, FRANZCP, is an American trained Psychiatrist with a keen interest in psychodynamic psychotherapy and pharmocotherapy. He is happy to work with clients from various backgrounds, ages and diagnoses. Stephen is flexible to work with clients as their sole mental health provider or in conjunction with psychologists or other mental health practitioners. He has been in Australia for the past 5 years and has been accepted as a fellow into the Australian College of Psychiatry.

Stephen has 15 total years of experience in psychiatry. Therapeutically, he has been trained in a variety of modalities and is happy to work with clients in a variety of ways, hopefully in the best fit possible.

Dr Erin Redmond


Erin 's profile
Dr Erin Redmond has been a consultant psychiatrist for over twenty years.

She has interests across many areas - she has worked with many Vietnam veterans and their families; she was a consultant to the Parent Infant Unit at Albert Rd Clinic when she worked there and worked with all members of the family- mothers, fathers and the infant.

More recently she has worked with people who have suffered developmental trauma, be it physical, sexual or emotional. This kind of trauma can result in a variety of psychiatric disorders in adult life.

Dr Redmond has a special interest in women’s mental health.

She uses a combination of medication where needed, and psychotherapy.

Mary Himonas

Office Manager

Tara McKenzie



We prioritise the use of effective psychological therapies in the context of a quality therapeutic relationship.

The relationship between you and the therapist involves being supported in an alliance focused on your healing and growth. The therapeutic relationship allows for the direct experience of a healthy relationship that promotes self-inquiry and exploration in a non-judgmental manner. The therapeutic relationship promotes self-understanding and relationship skills such as healthy boundary setting, assertion, self-esteem, and the capacity to give and receive care, while addressing the specific issues you wish to resolve.

At Integrative Psychology we provide counseling services for a wide range of issues including but not limited to:

Feel free to contact us if you have a particular request or issue you would like help with and we will do our best to match you with the right psychologist.

Family counselling (otherwise known as Family Therapy) involves a number of family members together attending counselling to address a range of issues, which can often be long standing. Family therapy can be directed at assisting a family to clarify and better manage relationships amongst family members as well as assisting families in dealing with major changes or distressing circumstances or events, such as grief and loss or mental or physical illness. Dealing with past family based trauma can also be a focus.

As with all therapies a counsellor is there to assist the individual, couple or family to gain their own clarity about a situation and develop better ways of managing that situation. The counsellor is not there to guide the individual or family members toward values or beliefs personally held by the counsellor. Counselling is non-judgemental and respectful at all times.

At Integrative Psychology our therapists are trained in a variety of approaches to assist with a range of relationships.

Group therapy can be a very effective way of overcoming feelings of isolation and hopelessness while facilitating change in a relatively short duration of time. Group therapy can differ according to length, size of group and criteria for inclusion. Groups may also differ in the degree of group participation required; generally therapeutic groups require greater group participation than psycho-education seminars and workshops. If you have any concerns about group participation please discuss these with the nominated contact person for the group you are considering, prior to registering for that group program.

Group programs available at Integrative Psychology:

  • Love more, fight less- group therapy for groups
  • Self-esteem, confidence and assertion
  • Life after an eating disorder
  • Interpersonal group psychotherapy

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