Social Anxiety Group Therapy Program

Do you find yourself anxiously thinking about attending a social gathering, meeting new people, or presenting at a meeting? Do you fear making a fool of yourself in front of others? Beat yourself up remembering how an interaction went? Or just avoid being around people or in certain situations?

It might be time for you to do something about it. A number of people endure intense anxiety in social, public, or work settings and some find it negatively impacts their ability to function or succeed. Though there is a normal amount of anxiety in situations, sometimes it becomes excessive and people tend to avoid the situation. However, this typically exacerbates the anxiety and feeds a negative loop of anxiety and avoidance, and critical self-talk.

Come join us in this supportive group with like-minded similarly socially anxious people to reduce anxiety and better master your interactions and environment.

You do not need to be formally diagnosed with social anxiety disorder to join or benefit from this group. We are more than happy to chat with you to find out if this therapy group is a good fit for you. Please call 9663 0355 or email

Download Social Anxiety 2018 flyer.

To verify your attendances please send us a  quick email.

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