Workshop on Treating Attachment Pathology in Adults – April 2016

Nigel Denning, Deputy Chair of APS College of Counselling Psychologists and Director of Integrative Psychology organised the following event which was attended by 80 practitioners, including Linda Tilgner, Alistair Pitts and Davina Lanzon all from Integrative psychology.

Over two days Daniel P. Brown, PhD, presented on treating attachment pathology in adults. The workshop included- sophisticated assessment tools to identify attachment pathology in adults and effective treatment protocols.

Specifically, this workshop detailed state-of-the-art, effective ways to treat insecure attachment pathology in adults, primarily in personality and dissociative disorder patients, as described in Attachment disturbances in adults: Treatment for comprehensive repair (D. Brown & D. Elliott, Norton, in press).

There are three pillars to this comprehensive treatment: fostering internalization of positive, stable internal working models for secure attachment using structured ideal parent figure imagery; facilitating collaborative non-verbal and verbal behaviour; and fostering a range of specific meta-cognitive skills.

Feedback was overlying positive, with exciting implications for advancement in therapeutic treatment in this area.

We wish to greatly thank Dan Brown for his time and expertise. We at Integrative Psychology are very excited to continue this work through an on-going supervision group.

Linda Tilgner | Integrative Psychology

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