What is EAP

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a intervention counselling service designed to enhance the emotional and psychological well-being of employees. The power of EAP is in the preventive measure for intervention and early detection, identification and resolution of workplace and personal problems that may adversely impact upon work performance and general well-being.

These problems and issues may include, but are not limited to, workplace issues of stress, career planning and development, restructure / redundancy, bullying, work conflict, crisis and trauma, return to work, medical concerns impacting work performance, as well as personal concerns which impact at work including depression, anxiety, marital issues & separation, violence & anger, relationships, alcohol and substance abuse as well as gambling and other addictions. Often, the longer an issue remains unattended, the more your employee’s life that may be affected by it. Early assistance with a minor issue may prevent it from developing into a major one. Happy and mentally healthy employees perform better at their work, are better at working in a team, are more efficient and take less time off work.

Why should we invest in an EAP Program?

Business and front-line managers need the tools and services to help deal with important compliance and liability issues that are caused by employees who are experiencing various psychological heath issues. Employees who will experience life problems can create disruption to the workplace if they do not receive support, they may end up in workers’ compensation claims and can be absent more often from work. EAP gives early intervention a chance to help resolve concerns before they magnify with time.

Why IP?

At IP we have over a decade of experience working with organisations to help them manage psychological wellbeing of employees in their workforce. We have established methods and interventions to help employees and managers to navigate through mental health hurdles. We help employees to identify issues, work out which of their concerns are work related and which are personal and then provide support and strategies to deal with their concerns. At IP we provide tailored solutions to suit each business – no two people or business are the same! Our prices are competitive and reflect our ethos of providing value for money, wholistic support for employer and employee.

How does it work?

We provide two services – Standard EAP

  • Employees are provided with information about our services and they can call us to make a time to talk
  • Generally, we have found that most employers will pay for 4 therapeutic sessions
  • You will be billed monthly and you’ll know which employee has sought support - these sessions are private and confidential and we cannot share with you content of the discussion
Reffered EAP

  • You refer the employee to us for support because you have identified that the employee needs professional support
  • Your call us and let us know which employee we are expecting and the concern so we are prepared
  • Whilst we cannot provide any confidential information will can at the end of four sessions can make some recommendations about further care for the employee.


We prioritise the use of effective psychological therapies in the context of a quality therapeutic relationship.

The relationship between you and the therapist involves being supported in an alliance focused on your healing and growth. The therapeutic relationship allows for the direct experience of a healthy relationship that promotes self-inquiry and exploration in a non-judgmental manner. The therapeutic relationship promotes self-understanding and relationship skills such as healthy boundary setting, assertion, self-esteem, and the capacity to give and receive care, while addressing the specific issues you wish to resolve.

At Integrative Psychology we provide counseling services for a wide range of issues including but not limited to:

Feel free to contact us if you have a particular request or issue you would like help with and we will do our best to match you with the right psychologist.

Family counselling (otherwise known as Family Therapy) involves a number of family members together attending counselling to address a range of issues, which can often be long standing. Family therapy can be directed at assisting a family to clarify and better manage relationships amongst family members as well as assisting families in dealing with major changes or distressing circumstances or events, such as grief and loss or mental or physical illness. Dealing with past family based trauma can also be a focus.

As with all therapies a counsellor is there to assist the individual, couple or family to gain their own clarity about a situation and develop better ways of managing that situation. The counsellor is not there to guide the individual or family members toward values or beliefs personally held by the counsellor. Counselling is non-judgemental and respectful at all times.

At Integrative Psychology our therapists are trained in a variety of approaches to assist with a range of relationships.

Group therapy can be a very effective way of overcoming feelings of isolation and hopelessness while facilitating change in a relatively short duration of time. Group therapy can differ according to length, size of group and criteria for inclusion. Groups may also differ in the degree of group participation required; generally therapeutic groups require greater group participation than psycho-education seminars and workshops. If you have any concerns about group participation please discuss these with the nominated contact person for the group you are considering, prior to registering for that group program.

Group programs available at Integrative Psychology:

  • Love more, fight less- group therapy for groups
  • Self-esteem, confidence and assertion
  • Life after an eating disorder
  • Interpersonal group psychotherapy